Dave (dakegra) wrote,


Just popped in to say hi. How are you all? You're looking splendid, as always. Is that a new haircut?

anyhoo, my 'read all the books in my house which I haven't yet read' challenge for 2013 continues apace. Just finished book #6 and am in the process of choosing book #7.

What was book #6, I hear you ask? It was London Falling, by Paul Cornell.

Yes, *that* Paul Cornell.

The book was fab - kind of a darker, nastier version of Ben Aaronovitch's equally excellent Rivers of London series - about a group of coppers who come up against a Big Supernatural Bad, that only they can see, and decide that they'll take it down in the only way they know how, by solid police work.

Great stuff, well written with some ace characters. Sets up well for a sequel too. Go read it.

Then, when you've read that, put your pre-orders in for Lauren Beukes' The Shining Girls - it's out in May and is about a time-travelling serial killer and a girl who didn't die.


If you can't wait until May, pick up Lauren's earlier book, Zoo City. Which is utterly brilliant too.

Right, off to choose book #7. TTFN!

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