Dave (dakegra) wrote,

This weekend was spent camping at Cheltenham racecourse with some lovely people at Greenbelt 2012.

In no particular order, there was:
  • rain
  • thunder
  • more rain (oh, so so much rain)
  • mud
  • hail
  • the ever lovely & splendidly blazered Hope & Social
  • nutty folk songs about a slug from Folk On
  • The Proclaimers (who very nearly didn't make it on stage)
  • primitivepeople
  • a truly awesome pie from Higgedy Pie
  • lots of juggling chat with the lovely folk at Butterfingers
  • an invitation to 'come and play' at Butterfingers shop in Harrogate
  • a performance of my juggling skillz at an impromptu talent contest
  • more rain
  • herding various kids to allow the more religious of our group to go see the talks they wanted to
  • sunburn

Oh, and Bellowhead.

Oh. My. Word. They were truly brilliant. Eleven of them up on stage, rockin' the mudflats of mainstage.

They're playing Bradford in November. I've just booked tickets. I can't wait.


How was your weekend?

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