Dave (dakegra) wrote,

So. Here's the thing.

I've signed up to do a charity bike ride this summer in London. It's 100km (62 miles in old money) around the centre of London... at night. It's going to be awesome. Canary Wharf, deserted in the wee small hours. Brilliant.

We (me & my mate Ned) set off at midnight from Alexandra Palace to do a big loop around some of London's most famous landmarks, finishing up back where we started at about 6am for a large, well-deserved breakfast.

Mmm, breakfast.

Here's the route:

And naturally, I'm doing this for charity. Yeah, you knew that was coming, didn't you?

And yes, I'm after your money.

My target is to raise £250 for Practical Action (http://www.practicalaction.org/).

Every pound helps. If you've got a couple of quid to spare instead of buying that latte, brilliant. If you've got a fiver? Awesome. Ten? Twenty?

Please can you sponsor me? Pretty please? It's a great cause, and should be a fantastic event. I will of course entertain you all with stories (and possibly photos) afterwards.

[edit] Helps if I include the link to the sponsorship page, eh?

And of course, if anyone wants to join us, there are still places available! (http://practicalaction.org/nightrider)

Thank you so much.

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