Dave (dakegra) wrote,

Crazy ideas

The other night I got an email from my mate Ned. He'd just signed up for this:

and realised it might be fun to do with some company, i.e. me.

I took a look and decided this could be an enormous amount of fun - cycling round London in the middle of the night seeing stuff that you wouldn't normally see.

So I duly tried to sign up and hand over my £39 registration fee.

It was then that I realised that I could do it for any charity, so I had a look at the CF Trust option. Still the same £39 fee, but the fundraising target was £350, not £250, as per Practical Action's site.

Then I got to wondering - what would happen if I were to only raise, say £150? Would they expect me to stump up the extra to hit the target?

Slightly worried by that - I've done fundraising stuff before, and whilst I've thought it's gone pretty well, I've never raised that much before.

Anyone got any experience of this sort of thing? Are they likely to hold me to the target figure?

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