Dave (dakegra) wrote,


Moar skyrim. I love Skyrim.

Tried new coffee place in Leeds. Brewbar coffee, under the art gallery. The guys who run it seem to know their stuff and have some excellent coffee in there. Plus it's got better seats than Bottega and Laynes.

Leeds indie coffee scene is looking up. Huzzah!

Life otherwise is going quite well. Plotting things to do with consolidating my various blogs into one place (again), though I seem to be spending most time on G+ and Twitter.

Attempting to get my mother onto the internet. Various troubles ensue - bought an Archos android tablet which steadfastly refused to do what it said it would, so had to go back. Am now attempting to persuade my netbook to work with Skype so she can try that. If only she'd buy an iPad, it'd be *so* much easier.

I trust you're all well?

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