Dave (dakegra) wrote,

The Big One

Post Ten Thousand.

Created on 14th March, 2003
61,665 comments received
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171 friends though some appear to no longer have LJ accounts, others have drifted off to other places and at least one is no longer with us. anonymous_greg, you are still a great big hole in my online life.

Crikey. Those numbers... they scare me.

For post 10,000, I thought I'd share a Conversation With The Bean from the other day.

We were strolling home from school when talk turned to Schrödinger's Cat. EB asked if his friend had called and I replied that I had no idea as we hadn't actually got home yet.

I went on to say that his friend's call was much like Schrödinger's Cat - until we checked our messages when we got home, we'd have no way of knowing whether his friend had called.

Conversation turned, somewhat inevitably to who this Schrödinger dude was and what was the whole cat business anyway.

I explained about the cat, the box and the rest of the shenanigans. About how you couldn't know if the cat was alive or dead until you actually opened the box, and how the cat existed as a probability wave, neither alive or dead until someone opened the box at which point the waveform collapses.

EB took this all in, asking pertinent questions as we went along. He paused for thought (and narrative effect, clever chap) before offering this gem.

EB: I'm surprised they managed to get the cat in the box in the first place...

this anecdote is several orders of magnitude funnier if you know who this Schrödinger dude is in the first place, as evidenced by me having to explain it twice in short succession the following day. However, you're all a clever bunch. I can hear you laughing.

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