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#nanowrimo wordcount: 8500 #nanowrimo target for day 5: 8335 I'm… - almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea
if I had to explain, you wouldn't understand
#nanowrimo wordcount: 8500
#nanowrimo target for day 5: 8335

I'm AHEAD! only just, but I'm ahead!


Plus I realised that I need half a dozen new characters so I can get Alice (psycho ship AI) to bump them off. And they've all turned up!

Thought I've discovered that I hate writing character intros. Must work on that, so it's not all 'The man was tall and well-built and his name was Steve and he had short hair and stuff.'

Yeah, it sucks. But it's NaNo. It's a first draft.

Steve's days are numbered anyway. Why yes, he *is* wearing a red shirt.
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tiggsybabes From: tiggsybabes Date: November 6th, 2011 09:59 am (UTC) (linky)
Woo hoo! :)
strange_complex From: strange_complex Date: November 6th, 2011 12:11 pm (UTC) (linky)
Wow, you're doing really well! And it sounds like you have plenty of ideas bursting to get written down to keep you ploughing onwards, too. I guess the real challenge with NaNo is to keep that level of effort up relentlessly, and not allow yourself to become sufficiently pleased with your progress so far that you start slacking off. I speak with the experience of having bashed out several conference papers and articles this year under very similar circumstances behind me! Anyway, I hope you manage to keep yourself on track, and that you have something to be proud of at the end of it all.
dakegra From: dakegra Date: November 6th, 2011 11:06 pm (UTC) (linky)
I was starting to worry about today's writing - I've been ridiculously busy with other stuff, and figured I wouldn't get to sit down until nine-ish.

then (as I've just posted up), a 1500 word flashback scene just sort of fell out of my head on to the page, giving the main character a ton of backstory. I'm still slightly stunned that I've written ten thousand words of this. EB keeps wandering around telling people that I'm writing a story, which makes me immensely proud - hopefully he can see that writing is (or can be) fun!

I'm still nervous - after all, we're six days in and there are still a LOT of words to go. Hopefully the momentum will keep up...
slamlander From: slamlander Date: November 6th, 2011 03:13 pm (UTC) (linky)
It worked for me last year. Break a leg! Once the muse starts cracking that whip then you'll make it ;)
dakegra From: dakegra Date: November 6th, 2011 11:08 pm (UTC) (linky)
I'm gonna make that muse pay her way!
elaby From: elaby Date: November 6th, 2011 03:25 pm (UTC) (linky)
Woot! Great job! Haha, I love creating characters just to kill them /mean writer
dakegra From: dakegra Date: November 6th, 2011 11:09 pm (UTC) (linky)
I need some help working on introducing characters though. Need to start paying more attention when reading books on how they do stuff like that. It looks easy until you try it!
thebabynancy From: thebabynancy Date: November 6th, 2011 06:57 pm (UTC) (linky)

Ensign Ricky, I love you!

LOL @ red shirt!
dakegra From: dakegra Date: November 6th, 2011 11:09 pm (UTC) (linky)

Re: Ensign Ricky, I love you!

gotta love a red shirt. :-)
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