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New job has started a Cycle to Work scheme[1], so I duly applied.

EB and I went to choose a bike on Sunday. Unfortunately the scheme only allows you to get a bike from Halfords, but I'd heard good things about the Boardman[2] range of hybrid bikes so thought I'd check them out.

I really liked the Boardman Hybrid Comp, but wasn't taken with the colour of the 2011 range (white), much preferring the 2010 style (charcoal grey, with added bar ends). Mooched around, decided how much I wanted to spend and put in my application, which got signed off today.

Much to my surprise, the Halfords website showed that not only could you still get the 2010 model, but they were £100 off for the next model up from the one I'd seen (Boardman Hybrid Team rather than Hybrid Comp) *and* in stock! I promptly reserved one and dashed over there after work[3]

Ah. It's not built yet, the web order said you wanted it supplied boxed.

Err, no. Can you build it?[4]

Sure, be ready tomorrow morning.


The Beans and I mooch off to price up some extras - lock, lights etc. I spot a bargain rear pannier rack and ask if it'd fit.

Sure, the guy replies. We get chatting and he mentions something about the 2011 range. Ah, I reply, but I've ordered the 2010 one! Bargain! £100 off!

He looks perplexed. He checks the order.

Ah. Not sure how you've managed to order that, cos we haven't got one.

He goes to check. Nope, not only is your bike not built, it's not boxed, or, in fact, there. Or anywhere.

Cue much faffing - turns out there's a weird glitch in the system which means that randomly the old models of certain Boardman bikes turn up as in stock on the website, but don't actually exist in this reality.

Short version: I got the 2011 model, Hybrid Comp. It's a lovely bike, nice & sturdy, with slick tyres and disc brakes.

And tomorrow, fully built with rear pannier, front & rear lights, cycling computer and extremely sturdy lock.

Now I just have to pay £40 a month for it for a year and it's MINE. Woooooooooooooooooo


[1] they lend you an amount from £100 to £1,000 for a bike and you pay it back in 12 instalments over a year. However, they take the repayment back out of your gross salary so you don't pay tax or NI on it, saving you a bundle
[2] Chris Boardman, ace cyclist
[3] funny story about that, but I bet no-one is actually reading this. If you are, leave a comment
[5] insert mandatory Bob the Builder joke here

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