Dave (dakegra) wrote,

shopping today. I love shopping.

Bought myself a new t-shirt in Gap's sale, and pondered long and hard over their vintage chinos. I need a new pair of casual-ish troos, and these may just be they.

The vintage khaki

Not sure about the colour though. Chino Acorn, or Chino Bench?

Also, hats. I quite fancy a new hat. I've got a perfectly good Tilley hat which is lovely and perfectly good for lounging around on the beach, or when out for the day doing Exploring Things, but a bit much when popping down to get a coffee when it's a bit sunny. So, I was pondering either a flat cap (all the rage, it seems) or a baseball cap

Like this one: from O'Neill

Not sure if baseball caps are really me though. I've had a trucker-style cap many years ago and just looked daft, but I quite like the low-slungness of this one. And it fits, which is a major bonus, as I have a v.large head.

Other option seems to be a straw trilby. Just... no.

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