Dave (dakegra) wrote,

We are returned from that there London.

I say, you London lot put on a jolly fine show with the weather there, top marks.

Saturday: park, picnic, beers, home, jolly gorgeous roast lamb tagine thing, red wine, beers, Vienetta.

Sunday: the 345 bus from $place_A to South Kensington, then the Science Museum

The Science Museum is effing brilliant. We went to see the Bubble Show (top marks, well done), then other science stuff.

Then home via St Pancras. Just because if you're near St Pancras, you need to go and look and go 'cor, that's bloody brilliant' before heading off to King's Cross to go 'oh, FFS, the train is DELAYED'

Thenceforth to home. V.jolly tired.

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