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cunning plans - almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea
if I had to explain, you wouldn't understand
cunning plans
Inspired by a tweet from the gone-from-LJ-but-still-on-Twitter Ms Alex, I've been pondering the idea of the square mile.

The idea is that you take a map, stick a pin in it where you live, and work out a square mile with you in the centre.

Oh, Alex explains it better than I can

Anyhoo. I got to thinking. It shouldn't be that hard to set up a web thingy where you put in your postcode and get google maps to display a square mile around a point, surely.

Then you could do overlays with interesting things in that square mile - shops, museums, restaurants, interesting places etc.

I even looked for a domain, but annoyingly mysquaremile.com is
a. already taken, and
b. not being used.


I may tinker with the idea some more. But knowing me, probably forget about it almost immediately.

Oooh, juggling balls. I need some new juggling balls

*goes off to order juggling balls*
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