Dave (dakegra) wrote,

Went to the opticians today for an eye test. I had one about... four years ago? It was back when I started with Trigold, so that's probably about right. New employer has a healthcare scheme, so I can claim back £30 worth of optician stuff, so I figured I might as well get 'em checked.

Turns out I need specs for close-up stuff - reading and using the 'puter. The nice lady tried to show me some frames, one of which was £120, the other £170.

Then another £99 for the lenses.

I tried not to look *too* shocked, muttered something about wanting to get K to come see the frames first, and made a hasty retreat.

Crikey, are they really *that* expensive? For reading glasses?

I had a look, and Asda will do a complete set for £65, with anti-reflective coating and other stuff. Seems far more reasonable...

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