Dave (dakegra) wrote,

ukulele update

so, Adventures With A Ukulele continue apace. I think I've got it more or less tuned in, which I'm quite pleased with considering I've never picked up an instrument in my life.

I can now play a C. Which is DIFFERENT on a baritone uke than a soprano one. Grr.

Finding chord charts for a baritone uke was only slightly complicated, ie. having to type 'baritone ukulele chord charts' into google, rather than just 'ukulele chord charts'


I tried playing D next. How in the name of all that's shiny do you get that finger up there[1]?

What I need is something which tells me which finger to put where[2] to get the appropriate noise.

I also should probably go buy myself my own. It is rather fun. Probably go for a soprano/concert rather than a baritone, this sounds a bit too guitar-y for me.

[1] *do* stop sniggering at the back.
[2] mind in the gutter, the lot of you

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