Dave (dakegra) wrote,

LB is poorly[1], so we've kept her off school for the day and I've taken the day off work.

I phoned work to apologise for not being there, and could I book today off as holiday as LB was poorly. $boss wasn't sure that I could book it as holiday, and would have to check what the procedure is as I'm still in my probation period.

Which is odd - everywhere I've worked thus far has said 'ok, fine, book it as a day's leave'. So now I'm not sure if it's holiday (fine), unpaid (unavoidable, but not so fine) or quite what. I'll find out tomorrow, I guess.

Phoned school - they now have a voicemail button-pressing thing, with 'press 1 to record an absence', then you leave a message rather than speak to someone. New one on me.

Then I phoned the insurance company to cancel our car insurance. Another exercise in options and button-pressing, and I spoke to a very nice lady who informed me that it would be no problem to cancel my insurance, but there's a £26.50 cancellation charge, and oh look, your payment is due tomorrow, but they can apply for it three days early, so it might still come out.

Hmmm. Not entirely happy about the cancellation charge, having paid them money for a considerable number of years, or the fact that I might end up paying another month's insurance. We'll see - could be a strongly worded letter.

Hope you're all hale & hearty.

[1] well, she's a lot perkier now, but to be sure we're keeping her off

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