Dave (dakegra) wrote,

More presents arrived on Saturday for my birthday - made it feel like my birthday just kept going!

I got Engineering Infinity, by Charles Stross and The Road to Bedlam: Courts of the Feyre vol 2 by Mike Shevdon. Plus a copy of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for the XBox, an awesome t-shirt from @darkbunnytees (the Inception one), and a notebook & fountain pen from my godmother, who in the last 40 years, has managed to remember my birthday... once? twice? :-D

We also had a big chinese takeaway on Friday night - our traditional "It's someone's birthday!" meal. Saturday was a roast pork dinner at K's parents' house, followed by some IT support for K's dad's laptop and shiny new netbook, then on Sunday we had a roast chicken dinner.

Mmm, I love roast dinners.

Salad for me for the rest of the week though! Am very full.

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