Dave (dakegra) wrote,


As my wonderful work colleagues clubbed together to get me a waterstones gift card, I figured the very least I could do would be to SPEND IT IMMEDIATELY.

So wandered in at lunchtime, and was singularly uninspired.

Then I hit on the bright idea of expanding my fledgling graphic novel collection.
My basket currently contains:

The Rainbow Orchid: Adventures of Julius Chancer v. 1
Serenity: Better Days v. 2
Serenity: Shepherd's Tale
Hellboy: Wake the Devil v. 2

I'm torn between trying shiny new things and expanding my Firefly stuff. Tempted by the Firefly Companion (vols 1 & 2), as I have the Firefly: Still Flying book, and it'd complete the set.

Any other suggestions? I've got £30 to play with. And no, 'save it until you need it' isn't a viable option. :-)

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