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Since starting my new job means I can commute by train rather than drive, we decided that having 2 cars was a luxury we could no longer justify or afford, so it was with a heavy heart I decided to sell my old Almera.

To be fair, it has done it's job well - it's got 111,000 miles on the clock, and I reckon I've driven about 90k of those. It's taken us to Cornwall several times, Scotland, Wales, all over the place.

It's been making some funny noises though, and I'm sure the suspension is borked, so I was worried the imminent MOT would be pretty costly. Spoke to our friend Michael who runs a 2nd hand car business, who said we might get £200-300 with no MOT at the auctions, possibly twice that with an MOT.

We agreed that he'd put it through the auctions tonight, but best to give it a clean first, make it look presentable. So I took it to the car wash.

Car wash over, turned the key and...


Damn thing died on me!

I pushed it out of the car wash and went to phone K's dad. Unfortunately I had left my mobile at home (K uses it for the internet in the evenings), so had to ask the garage dude if I could use their phone.

Luckily K's dad has various jump leads, so managed to get me going again. I dropped the keys off with Michael last night, and he's going to take it to the auction today.

Be glad to see the back of it now!

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