Dave (dakegra) wrote,

let there be cake

Well, it's now only a week to go until my birthday!

I love birthdays, always have done. One of the reasons *could* be due to there being more cake than usual.

Mmm, cake.

The only downside with having a birthday this close to christmas is that once it's over, you're done for the year. It's a really loooong wait until the next celebration pile of presents birthday cake. Oh, sure. other people have birthday cake, but it's not quite the same unless it's yours, somehow.

I sometimes wish I had a summer birthday so I'd be able to have some friends round for a lazy summer barbecue with beer and sitting outside chatting until well after the sun goes down. As it is, it's invariably cold, dark and miserable - everyone is skint after christmas and on some kind of healty eating or detox kicks.

Ah well.

Anyhoo, this birthday is one of those 'special' ones, with a big fat zero on the end of it.

Being 40 suddenly doesn't seem quite so old as it used to. I'm pretty sure I must have missed a few years along the way too - I reckon I'm still in my mid- to late-twenties really, grey hairs to the contrary.

It's really weird. I don't *feel* old in my head until I start considering how other people might see or think about me, or until I think about how old (or not) they are. People at work who are just turning thirty, or are dreading it. People who I'm now old enough to be their parent...

Scary stuff. Weird to think that you'll never get to go back to being that young person, or be seen as 'one of them', you'll always be the older person in such a group.
Still, I steadfastly refuse to grow up. And if any of you catch me doing so, feel free to call me on it. :-)

Ahem. Enough maudlin. Back to the cake!

So, this time next week I'll be forty. I fully intend to have cake. Mmm, cake.

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