Dave (dakegra) wrote,


still being a bit crap at keeping up with LJ. New job is a lot busier than initially thought, for various reasons, all of which are good. I like being busy, especially when it's productively busy.

Right. Where was I? Latest news, picked up the Sigma 50-200mm lens (see previous entry for proof, yo), and my copy of The Big Bang Theory dvd box set (seasons 1-3) finally arrived, so I'm ripping them onto my PC for onward movement onto my ipod, so's I can watch them on my commute. Yay!

in other news: Beanlette sick, sore throat, temperature. EB sick, but not *as* sick, so us mean ol' parental units packed him off to school. Tree up, presents bought, all bar one for my bro, who I'm getting a kilo of La Bottega Milase's finest coffee beans. NOM. Which means I can open the 250g bag I bought for him in the first place. Hoorah for excellent coffee!

Right, time to go tidy up then watch some DVDs. Happy weekend, all!

PS: If I've missed anything important/interesting/you want my comments on in the past week, shout up. :-D

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