Dave (dakegra) wrote,

From Twitter 12-14-2010

  • 09:08:23: @primitiveperson on the other hand, you'll always have a book with you. Doesn't replace paper, just another way of reading.
  • 09:13:38: @primitiveperson absolutely everywhere? Stood in the post office queue?
  • 09:44:31: found a great site last night which suggested new camera lenses based on price, model etc. Can't find it now! help?
  • 10:00:57: found it - www.lenshero.com
  • 11:55:16: @Mr_MEJ I've got a d50 too. Get a 50mm f/1.8, if you haven't already.
  • 13:15:53: sorted out secret santa present. Only thing I need to get now is a kilo of @bottegamilanese's finest coffee beans for my bro, lucky chap.
  • 13:21:05: @BottegaMilanese great stuff, thanks.
  • 13:27:25: @jimmoran @bottegamilanese - I agree with Jim, it's not just corporate speak, it's interacting with your customers, very positive experience
  • 13:41:02: RT @SaraPeyton: RT @OReillyMedia Deal/Day: Save 60% on our Top 10 HTML5/WebDev Ebooks+Videos http://oreil.ly/gvW9gg
  • 15:42:55: @anonymoi Supper's Ready is majestic in virtually any format. In DTS 5.1 I bet it's stunning.
  • 17:54:07: Hmm. I still need some new juggling balls. Ok, perhaps 'need' is a bit strong...
  • 18:25:16: RT @charles_yu: I'm assuming that after this life, we get another life solely for the purpose of reading all the books we bought but nev ...
  • 22:48:53: @borndriller the mice in the garage ate my last lot. I had quite a selection, though i'm not entirely sure how they ended up out there.
  • 23:00:09: @leolaporte Fezzes are cool.
  • 23:01:54: finished reading The Book of Lost Things yesterday (fabulous), and today @jconnollybooks started following me. Oooh, spooky.
  • 23:54:38: @jconnollybooks i'll send the kids out with the coffee. Try not to scare them

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