Dave (dakegra) wrote,

From Twitter 12-08-2010

  • 12:54:31: Mmm, espresso (@ La Bottega Milanese) http://4sq.com/6nqYCz
  • 19:32:47: @boliviafang I like caribou coffee :-) @bottegamilanese is awesome though. Perfect espresso, great cakes, friendly staff
  • 20:22:57: why have my Big Bang Theory dvds not arrived? Hmm?
  • 20:24:11: apparently it's in Scotland. WHY IS IT IN SCOTLAND? I mean, I like Scotland as much as the next guy, but seriously.
  • 20:30:57: @DTL @pickwick understandable, clearly. Can I have them back once you've watched them, Caz?
  • 22:08:16: might have to go back to @bottegamilanese for another bag of coffee - keeping this one and getting a bigger one for a christmas present. :-)
  • 22:13:15: I just voted for this photo http://plixi.com/p/60476698
  • 22:17:30: how on earth did I get 700 followers? Most of you are really real too. Though some of you are spambots. *glares at spambots*
  • 22:18:38: @BottegaMilanese awesome. Or I could just keep popping in to see if you've got some. Not that I need an excuse!
  • 23:33:00: RT @Thehodge: watch the first 3 minutes of this - http://www.state.gov/video/?videoid=702198017001 haha

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