Dave (dakegra) wrote,

From Twitter 12-07-2010

  • 07:24:34: RT @missdaisyfrost: #bbcR4 have cancelled Jim Naughtie's planned interview with Ed Balls and Ed Koch in case Naughtie giggled himself to ...
  • 08:10:49: I just ousted @scotthibberson as the mayor of Sandal & Agbrigg Railway Station on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/dBtFoj
  • 08:10:49: I'm at Sandal & Agbrigg Railway Station (Agbrigg Road,Sandal, Wakefield). http://4sq.com/dBtFoj
  • 08:17:16: @GazHunter Christmas? :n)
  • 08:21:51: This morning's train is a. Very very packed and b. Late.
  • 16:57:25: RT @fiercefiction: Still 30 mins left to enter! RT + follow by 5pm TODAY to #win 1 of 3 free copies of Michelle Paver's ghost story DARK ...
  • 17:02:42: Both official Twitter app and #seesmic app for Android giving me trouble. Suggestions for alternative?
  • 21:10:11: downloading the Tron Legacy soundtrack - only £3.99 on amazon mp3. I belive you USians can get it for $3.99
  • 21:34:44: @_Corvidae_ I don't think the film is out here for a while, sadly. Very excited.
  • 21:42:37: @_Corvidae_ I had you mixed up with a friend in Seattle with a similar username! oops. :-)
  • 21:43:21: @jonrshaw makes a change for it to be going the other way! I shall sort you out. :-)
  • 21:45:33: @NovaWildstar a couple of LJ chums.
  • 21:46:55: I need to sort out a Metrocard. The trains are fine, queueueing for ages for a ticket is a PITA
  • 21:48:17: @NovaWildstar Washington State, isn't it?
  • 21:50:28: @NovaWildstar see, I *do* pay attention! Sometimes. :-P
  • 21:54:35: @jonrshaw sent you an email, trying out new system
  • 21:57:35: hmm. Metrocard needs a passport sized photo. Wonder if I've got any lying around...
  • 22:19:44: Badass Lego Guns: http://oreil.ly/gyBX6X want. Suspect small boy would love it!
  • 23:08:29: RT @cole007: URGENT - anyone in Linlithgow or Bo'ness heading to Edinburgh in morning? Stranded and wife has job interview at 9. Please RT

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