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From Twitter 11-30-2010 - almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea
if I had to explain, you wouldn't understand
From Twitter 11-30-2010

  • 11:58:37: Been out clearing snow. Knackered
  • 18:36:24: Harry turning into a snowman on BBC local news
  • 18:47:50: Hope the weather doesn't stop me getting to my first day at my new job tomorrow!
  • 20:53:16: @flamingjuneuk working for the CCCS in Leeds as an analyst. Really looking forward to it, don't want to be snowed off!
  • 21:06:01: .@bottegamilanese want to get some coffee for my bro for christmas - do you sell coffee beans as well as your superb espresso?
  • 21:14:19: @BottegaMilanese fantastic. I'll be in soon to pick some up, cheers!
  • 21:35:57: RT @hijinksensue: There's a pit full of dead Sam Rockwells on the Moon. #NASAannouncement
  • 21:36:50: @fesworks @chebutykin twitter needs a 'like' button.
  • 22:22:23: Video: At TEDxMidwest, Jason explains why the office isn’t a good place to get work done - (37signals) http://t.co/vA8eGpI via @37signals
  • 22:23:11: @fesworks yeah, but if I favourite a tweet, you can't tell. Can you?

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