Dave (dakegra) wrote,

From Twitter 11-23-2010

  • 10:37:55: RT @laurashav: Dear Adobe, your Flash player is fine. You can stop updating it every other day. Really. Enough now.
  • 10:46:18: RT @Live_for_Films: When Tintin met Cthulhu – Cool Herge Lovecraft Art Mashup. http://bit.ly/gGNzXx
  • 14:45:21: NTS: File paperwork more often. On the plus side, I can see my desk again Mainly because paperwork in neat piles on floor. may need more tea
  • 15:37:03: still trying to decide what to spend my amazon voucher on.
  • 16:27:31: the trouble with sorting paperwork so infrequently is that you find important paperwork that you should have dealt with months ago. oops.
  • 23:59:15: watching Arcade Fire and Robert Plant on Later... with Jools. I love the iPlayer.

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