Dave (dakegra) wrote,

From Twitter 11-18-2010

  • 00:07:57: @pickwick I have a tumblr, but have yet to work out what to usefully use it for
  • 00:10:01: @chebutykin one day I want to come to one of your film nights.
  • 00:10:41: @pickwick I only remember when seeing other people's tumblr links, then look at mine and discover it's autoposted my flickr uploads
  • 00:11:32: RT @Philbradley: Govt says it will help flooded Cornish villages any way it can. Dear Cornish villages, please ask them all to resign in ...
  • 00:18:17: been listening to audiobook of @jayrayner1's 'The Man Who Ate the World', Great stuff, but I always end up at my destination ravenous.
  • 09:54:09: @whendrinksmix comic sans on a CV automatically disqualifies it.
  • 11:04:50: RT @mrtonylee 25 years ago, the first ever CALVIN AND HOBBES strip was published. So grab your imaginary tiger friend and go celebrate!
  • 11:49:06: @GrahamRichards I use it, never had any problems
  • 12:31:27: @intNorth ooh, I want one! Then I can fit a camera to it and make swooping action shots! Of what, I'm not sure.
  • 12:42:52: @intNorth ooooh. Shiny.
  • 14:29:32: @culturevultures hello *waves*
  • 21:18:11: A Mathematical Definition of Modern Art http://t.co/eXTlQxv via @petapixel

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