Dave (dakegra) wrote,

From Twitter 11-17-2010

  • 09:16:01: Dentist in half an hour for a filling replacement. He took x-rays last time, so hoping its just the one, but bracing self for more #nervous
  • 09:20:03: @jonrshaw Crikey. Was caffe nero closed? ;-)
  • 09:22:46: I wonder if my dentist would mind if I tweeted whilst he filled. ARGH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP, YOU DRILL-CRAZED FOOL! That sort of thing.
  • 09:24:48: Actually, my dentist is a lovely, kind man. Wielding a drill. Which he wants to put in my face. I mean, what's not to like?
  • 09:35:53: @jamesholden mine hides behind a surgical mask. Not sure I've ever seen his mouth. It's probably full of DRILLS! ARGH
  • 09:53:12: I love my dentist. Good drugs, I was out in under ten minutes.
  • 10:38:56: RT @guru: @Erica_Jane_MP I don't like Comic Sans, but I will defend to the death your right to use it! Mainly so I can kill you slowly l ...
  • 11:19:32: Ok *now* my jaw is properly numb. An hour and a half *after* the filling
  • 11:25:41: @nalsa one day I must try salted caramels, the idea intrigues me
  • 11:31:18: @nalsa indeed! I can sort of see how it would work, but have never tried one. :-)
  • 17:11:37: @iChip chipstah! *high fives*
  • 19:22:02: @iChip most odd. what twitter client are you using? And where's my high five?
  • 21:28:24: @borndriller grrr! *shakes fist*
  • 21:29:03: @iChip dude, you weren't following me? *sobs*
  • 22:37:36: Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home" - street trials riding short film http://t.co/No1KkdM via @youtube [gorgeous locations, photography]
  • 22:41:31: Lens Bracelets http://t.co/sxfychQ via @photojojo
  • 23:33:26: RT @nerdseyeview: http://bit.ly/9DfyeY must read: penn gilette runs afoul of the TSA. sort of.

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