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Myths of Innovation - almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea
if I had to explain, you wouldn't understand
Myths of Innovation

There’s a new edition of Scott Berkun‘s Myths of Innovation out in paperback.

I really enjoyed this book. Scott has a great writing style – friendly and informative, well suited to the task in hand. What could have been a dull history of innovation has been turned into a short, punchy work. He manages to pack a great deal into the 192 pages; examples of how innovation works, where innovation comes from, and debunks several popular myths of innovation, pointing out that whilst there is a ‘eureka’ moment, there’s a whole lot of hard work which lead up to it in the first place.

I read this book recently on a train journey, but found myself picking back through it on the return journey. It’s jam-packed with interesting anecdotes and information. Inspirational too – it put the idea of writing and where ideas come from in a new light.

Recommended reading. Top stuff.

You can read a couple of sample chapters here in PDF

Scott is also holding a free webcast today at 10am PST to help promote the new edition


More on Scott and his other works at his website: scottberkun.com. Drop by and say hi, he’s a nice guy.


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