Dave (dakegra) wrote,


A recent discussion with primitivepeople (and on his geekyfun funwitholdstuff blog) has me hankering after a palmtop device.


I've had a range of PDAs over the years - an original Palm Pilot, a Palm Vx (which I loved), several flavours of Apple Newton (the 120, 130 and 2100 + keyboard) and a Psion Series 3. All of which were fun at the time but ended up going the ebay route to fund my shiny gadget addiction.

The one I *really* wanted though, was a Psion Series 5MX or Revo - the keyboard was key, it turned out. The Series 3 keyboard wasn't great, and whilst the Newton's handwriting recognition was second to none (and probably still is), handwriting The Next Great Novel on it was never going to happen.

So, I'm back looking at ebay auctions for a series 5/MX/Revo. There's also a series 5 clone called the Oregon Osaris - less well known, so prices probably much cheaper - a series 5MX in good nick can go for 80 quid.

Then I found this: http://www.hpcfactor.com/hardware/devices/ which has a list of Windows CE devices - lots of options there to follow up...

Of course, if anyone out there has an old palmtop they no longer use and want to donate to a good home, you know where I am...

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