Dave (dakegra) wrote,


Went to Ikea today. Spent lots of money.

Well, that's all relative, isn't it? It *felt* like lots, but wasn't as much as it could have been, as we were looking at new metal-framed beds. Found one we liked, until I realised there was a problem with it.

See, our bed is pushed into the corner of the room, so the head is against one wall, and my side is against another. Which means if I want to get into or out of bed, I go over the foot end of the bed.

Which is fine, as the bed has a very low foot end - the wooden frame is marginally higher than the mattress itself.

The potential new metal-framed bed had a foot end where the metal bits were at least 18" higher than the top of the mattress, making it perilous to try and hop over. Other option would be to hop over K, which would be equally perlious.


The hunt continues.

in other news: had enormous fun in Ikea's marketplace merrily setting all of the kitchen timers available (some were still in boxes, so hard to get at) to go off in about half an hour. This made me smile. Then I realised that I could do the same with all the alarm clocks in the, erm, clock section.

So I did.


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