Dave (dakegra) wrote,

movies of 2010

Shutter Island

Overall, I quite enjoyed it. Weird how it played to similar lines as Inception - Leo, goings-on in the mind, issues with his kids, etc.

Trouble was, I spotted what I thought was the twist about halfway through. And crikey, was the middle bit just bobbins or what? You could have lost half an hour out of there, easy.

Leo was great - I think he's really growing into himself and each time I see him now I find more to like. He's done some good stuff before, but I think that he's definitely getting better as an actor as he grows up.

Hoorah for Max von Sydow and Ben Kinglsey too. Having the two of them play psychiatrists was a bit of perfect casting. Mark Ruffalo (sorry, but I can't help thinking of the Gruffalo when I see his name) was good too.

So. Chop out half an hour of bobbins, and you get an ending which makes up for the previous 2+ hours. Again with the Inception similarity - did they mean this, or did they mean that? In this case I think it's a bit more straight cut - we thought that he was deliberately pretending to go back into character in order to get his lobotomy and not have to live with what's happened, rather than remember who he was.

Thoughts, as ever, welcomed.

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