Dave (dakegra) wrote,


Choosing a selection of photos for my new Moo cards

Toying with what to put on the back as contact details. Name, email, blog…

or, as someone suggested, just put google: dakegra

I seem to have page #1 sewn up. :-)

1. Press, 2. tile detail, 3. curves, 4. Cyberman, 5. DSC_7898, 6. bell, 7. on the tiles, 8. leaf, 9. 42, 10. day 15 20SEP2009, 11. day13 18SEP2009, 12. sunflower, 13. Press, 14. let’s go fly a kite, 15. curves, 16. DSC_2605, 17. donated, 18. sunflower, 19. cupcakes, 20. NO, 21. SIX, 22. lines, 23. diabolo rising, 24. St Pancras column detail, 25. wish upon a star…

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