Dave (dakegra) wrote,


Dragon Boat racing at Pugney's on saturday afternoon. Great fun, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We were all cheering for different boats in the final race, but had no real idea who was who. Fun anyway.


I got a dozen photos of the final, which when you skip between them make a pretty good stop-motionesque film. Anyone know of a free app which will turn them into a movie? I need to do it with some of EB's animations too.

Sat outside late into the evening yesterday, enjoying the warm weather. Too hot during the day for me, but this time of evening is just perfect. Took various photos of $stuff whilst K and I chilled out.


Today was more allotment stuff - took another two huge bags of greenery down the tip. We've cleared about a third of the plot now, and planted leeks, sprouts, onions and carrots.

And! one of our allotment neighbours came over to say that he'd taken a couple of buckets of gooseberries off his bushes this morning, and his freezer was now full - did we want to help ourselves to what was left? And he'll be taking the bushes up in september, if we wanted them, they're ours.

Double-thumbs up from the dakegra crew! We loves our allotment, we does.

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