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Greetings, lj HiveMind

I trust you are well this morning? I have, as you might expect, a problem.

Careful observers of this journal may recall that recently I purchased a shiny new wireless router. All well and good, but I've started noticing some issues with it.

Mid-evening, my PC and phone will lose connection with the internet. The wireless widget still shows that I'm connected to Hexnet (my router's SSID) with a lovely strong connection, but I'm unable to browse to any web pages.

I'm also unable to get to the router's admin web page - I can't see it in Firefox, and I can't ping the IP, it just times out.

If I go downstairs and power the router off then on again (as I can't reboot it via the web portal), generally it'll work fine until the following evening.

All the lights on the router suggest that it's happy as larry, and the correct lights are on, indicating that it's working ok and has an internet connection.

Belkin Wireless N Modem Router

Things connected to the router:
1. PC running XP SP3 - usb dongle (b/g)
2. mobile phone - HTC Hero (b/g)
3. XBox - wireless 'N' adapter

Interestingly, I've not had the router bomb out on me when I've solely been on the Xbox, which is connected via XBox live.

PC is only connected in the evenings. Router is left on 24/7 (yes, I know, power waste)

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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