Dave (dakegra) wrote,

I'm finally caught up on Flashforward.

Err, right. It seems to have lurched from silly right into completely bonkers in the space of a couple of episodes. The bit where Mark works out the phone number for D Gibbons was sheer unadulterated bonkersness of the highest order.

Mark: Look! I was trawling through old chess games that D. Gibbons played years ago
Sulu Demetri: Err, well done. Why?
Mark: I was looking for CLUES. Look. I found one!
Demetri: Oh, cool!
Mark: If you look at these three matches from 20 years ago, and see that he made moves which took either 2 or four seconds.
Demetri: How bored were you, exactly?
Mark: [ignores Sulu Demetri]: ... then turn it into morse code
Demetri: Seriously, are you high? Can I have some?
Mark: [continues to ignore Sulu Demetri]: Then it turns into a phone number!
Demetri: ...err, ok! [aside] NURSE! BRING THE DRIED FROG PILLS!

in other news, WTF is up with the doctor dude who was so totally smitten with FF cute Japanese lass that he flew to TOKYO to find her, and is now trying to jump the cute nurse and DIDN'T NOTICE THE RESTAURANT WAS THE SAME ONE HE WAS LOOKING FOR.

Simon the crazy psycho hobbit is still *enormous* fun.

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