Dave (dakegra) wrote,

off to Basildon again tomorrow, this time just for the day. I reckon a 6am (ish) start should do the trick - I'm booked in to demo our system at 11:30.

Hopefully it shouldn't take more than an hour, at which point I'll grab a bite to eat and head back up the A1, aiming to get back for EB's school christmas concert at 7pm.

Long day.

But! I discovered that the Mondeo that work have hired for me (the same one I had for last week's trip) has a 3.5mm auxiliary jack input cunningly hidden in the glove compartment. Which means I can ditch the iPod FM transmitter thing* and plug my ipod in. Woot!

* generally ok, but once you get down to about Luton there is very little space in the FM frequency band and you get a ton of interference

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