Dave (dakegra) wrote,

gah! ipods!

K spent a while building a custom 'on the go' playlist on her nano today, then when I plugged the nano in to put some podcasts on, iTunes wiped everything off it.

iTunes also lost a bunch of songs from my library.

Bad iTunes. Look! they're there! Cunningly hidden in the \mp3 folder, with all the others!

*glares at iTunes*

anyone got any idea why iTunes would wipe what's on an ipod?

All I can think is that I'd originally synched it up using playlists - one playlist per album K wanted as iTunes seems to let you synch *everything* by an artist or nothing, unless you do playlists - and at some point I've cleard down the library and re-pointed iTunes at the \mp3 directory.


graspin' at straws...

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