Dave (dakegra) wrote,

just finished reading pTerry's latest, Unseen Academicals.

Which, despite my misgivings concerning the subject matter, ie. football, is really rather good.

Now. What to read next? Had a couple of book parcels through today - one from the lovely folks at Rocky Nook, Photography Unplugged by Harald Mante, which I shall gush forth about later (it's very *very* beautiful)

and one from Borders. Finally. Ordered them a week and a half ago and the entire order has been marked 'ready to ship' since friday 6th.

Anyhoo, that parcel contained David Benioff's City of Thieves, Matt Seaton's Two Wheels, and a graphic novel, The New Brighton Archeological Society

I suggested to EB that he might enjoy the latter, and he's spent bits of today with his nose firmly stuck in the book. I shall point him at my Tintin collection next. :-)

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