Dave (dakegra) wrote,

I've been looking at mp3 players again. I do quite like the iPod nano, but the Sony E-series has also caught my eye (slightly cheaper, better audio quality apparently) as well as my beloved iRiver doing a couple of tempting models.

choices, choices.

In other news, our programme manager at work is now Change Director, seems to like me, and was talking today about projects next year. Looking promising to get my contract extended then. Hence the shopping for shiny gadgetry.

Did actual shopping tonight at Meadowhell for new shoes and trousers. Saw some nice boots in Next, but the staff there were completely useless and absent, so I gave up, bought a pair of trousers and left. Made my way to M&S where I got some more trousers and a pair of ultracomfy shoes, so took the Next trous back.

these are the shoes, for those into shoes

Wandered into the Apple Store on the way past. OOoh, teh shiny.

ok. Hands up. Who amongst you owns an iPod? Is the audio quality any good? I mean, really? Reviews are mixed to say the least.

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