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LB - almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea
if I had to explain, you wouldn't understand

DSC_4972, originally uploaded by dakegra.

the Beans never let a little thing like persistent rain put them off enjoying a good beach.

After all, as Billy Connolly once remarked, there's no such thing as bad weather. Only the wrong clothes.

Did I mention that Billy used to stay in the lodge that we stayed in, many years ago?

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pkdan From: pkdan Date: November 4th, 2009 12:33 am (UTC) (linky)

Nice shot

Did you use a particular lens or technique on that shot? The depth in the clouds is gorgeous. Or is it just a trick of the eye?

And your daughter is, of course, gorgeous as well and properly attired.
dakegra From: dakegra Date: November 4th, 2009 10:23 pm (UTC) (linky)

Re: Nice shot

That would be my shiny new Tamron 10-24mm wide-angle lens, at 10mm. Or wickedly wide-angle, which does groovy things with clouds.

I love it.

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