Dave (dakegra) wrote,

hmm. I'm not off to Basildon tomorrow after all. It would appear that Basildon is Full.

Therefore I will be spending the night at Southend on Sea, which sounds rather charming. My little brother assures me that you can get quality doughnuts on the seafront. And he should know, having lived there for a while.

So, a night in a hotel on me tod. I'll probably go over to the other hotel where the team are staying and have some nosh with them, check on progress etc.

Then it's another 5am start. Or perhaps I might be a tad late. :-)

I was torn in the supermarket between buying Mr Pratchett's latest oeuvre and Eoin Colfer's new H2G2 book. Trouble is, El Tel's book is about football and for the life of me, I can't see the point of the game.

And Another Thing shows promise though.

Right. Best load up the mp3 player with some podcasts/audiobooks/tunez.

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