Dave (dakegra) wrote,

I got my new lens today - went for the Tamron 10-24mm in the end as Jessops had it on offer.

Took a few photos when I got home and have just uploaded them. I'm a little underwhelmed to be honest, though it could just be me not using it properly. Seem to have had the D50 set to 1600 ISO for some reason, which would explain the graininess of some of the images, but the ones I took outside were very soft.

A quick read up suggests that wide open (f/3.5) it *is* soft and gets better towards f/8, but of course now it's tricky to test it.

We're off out for the day tomorrow, so I'll take my tripod and try out some landscape stuff at f/8 to f/22, ISO200 and see how we get on. If I'm still not happy, it's going back.

Some of the photos were fun, but I suppose I'm used to shooting with the 50mm prime which *is* sharp, especially wide open.

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