Dave (dakegra) wrote,

ah, the jobcentre.

Regular readers may recall that I've been given a 2:30pm slot on mondays to sign on. Last week I pointed out that this wasn't terribly useful as I need to collect my daughter at 3pm from school. The nice lady said that I'd have to speak to a supervisor about this, so when I got home I phoned and talked to someone who said that I'd have to come in early today and see what slots were available, then speak to someone about changing it.

So, I rolled up at 9:30am this morning, spoke to a nice chap on the front desk who said it shouldn't be a problem, I'd have to go and sign on over there, then get referred to 'stage 2' who would sort it out for me.

I waited for about five minutes and saw someone to sign on. Filled in the forms, explained why I'd like an earlier slot to sign on, please.

"But you didn't put on your jobseeker's agreement that you had childcare responsibilities!"

"Err, I told the lady last week that I'd like to change the sign-on time"

"Well, you need to make an appointment to see someone. This could affect your benefit you know."


"Limiting your hours of work with childcare, you should have said that last week."

"I did! The only reason my daughter needs picking up is that as I'm not working, she's not in after-school care. If I had a job, then she *would* be in after-school, it's not an issue as far as availability is concerned."

"Right, well I'll make you an appointment to see the person you saw last week."

"But she said I'd need to see someone down here."

"Well, I don't know why she'd say that, she's the only one who could agree it with you."

"The chap over there said something about being referred to stage 2?"

"Who said that? No, you have to see Ms [x] from last week."

"This is crazy..."

"Nothing I can do love. I'd like to be able to help you down here, but I can't. You have to see the lady upstairs"

Riiiight. So now I have to go back *next* monday morning, first thing, to see the lady I saw *last* week.


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