Dave (dakegra) wrote,

I've thought up a sideline for my 'fixing your computer' business - explaining to people how their shiny new tech actually works.

Case in point - our friend H is up for the weekend, and her sons got together and bought her a satnav. She had a quick look at the instructions, panicked, and put it all back in the box.

Ten minutes of fiddling with it later, and I feel pretty confident that I can show her how it works in a way that she'll get - she doesn't need (or want) all the functions on it and some of the stuff in the manual is very badly presented.

So, for a small fee I can:
a. fix your computer (or if not actually fix, give you a fair idea of what's wrong with it)
b. get photos from your camera to your computer
c. help set up your wifi
d. help set up your new computer to pick up emails/transfer old data across
e. give you some friendly advice on what to look for when buying a new computer
f. build one for you
g. help explain how your new satnav/digital camera/digibox etc

H said she pays her little computer bloke £35 a go to sort stuff out (might have been £35/hour?)

worth looking into, I reckon

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