Dave (dakegra) wrote,

another morning of job hunting has thrown up precious little.

There was one call from an agent about a job in skipton, which turned out to be a job *near* skipton. Five or six miles outside skipton. In the wrong direction. Which would mean a nigh-on 50 mile commute each way.


This job hunting is really starting to get me down now. Project management roles are few and far between, and want all manner of stuff like experience of million-pound projects or Prince2 certification or ITIL certification.

I looked at junior web dev roles, but suspect that people advertising for a graduate-level job would balk at a 38 year-old project manager wanting to retrain.

So, do I keep looking for PM stuff at my sort of salary range (give or take) but broaden my geographical area to Hull/Sheffield/Manchester, or look at doing a less well-paid job somewhere local?

Part of the problem is when you sell yourself to an agent for a particular role and they come back and say 'sorry, the client wants [x]', it's hard to turn around and say that actually I'm happy to do [x] for £y as you end up looking totally flaky and desperate.

Which I am. Desperate, that is. Though only slightly flaky.

What else can I do, peeps? IT support? I've done enough of that, and am good at it.

Anyone out there know anyone who might need an IT chap who has done some PM work, some business analysis work, lots of client-facing customer hand-holding type work?


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