Dave (dakegra) wrote,


busy weekend. K's mum's birthday yesterday, so we had K's brother, his wife, their two boys, K's sister, and K's aunt and uncle over from Portugal.

We've had a *lot* of very nice food.

Just uploading some photos now - we went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park today for a picnic. They've got an exhibition on by Peter Randall-Page, who does these amazing carved stone things, which are utterly brilliant and must take forever to do. There were two parts to it - outside you could touch the sculptures, but inside it was strictly no touching, no photos, no mobile phones, don't even *breathe* on them 'k?

ok, I made the last one up. But the 'no photography' thing makes me itch. Seriously - these things are HUGE blocks of carved stone. How are you going to damage them?

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