Dave (dakegra) wrote,

Waterstone's didn't have my book. The sales assistant took one look at the shipped date (yesterday) and said 'oh, I don't think it'll be here yet. They just use the ordinary post'

Well, I use the ordinary post, and quite often stuff I send turns up the next day.

I said that I was just being optimistic, and had hoped it *might* have been in so I'd have it for the weekend. S

She checked. No book.

"We're open tomorrow though, might be here. Otherwise probably Monday."

I did consider asking if it would be possible to get one of the half-dozen copies they had on the shelves downstairs, but decided it was too nice a day to waste, and wandered off for a coffee and a sit in the sun. Bizarrely got smiled at by several women whilst out and about, which immediately makes me think I've got hair sticking up, or something on my chin.


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