Dave (dakegra) wrote,

more painting this weekend - this time the rest of the top landing and down the stairs.

Not so much hassle this time, as I'd done all the prep work last time. Gah, but I'm knackered.

Up early this morning for EB's second skiing lesson, which started at 9am at Castleford Xscape, so I was up at quarter to seven on a sunday morning


So, skiing (or watching, and wondering if I ought to do some snowboarding lessons), back home, painting, sorting out bits of the garage, more painting (foolishly used old paint instead of new, so it needed a second/third coat), then off for EB's swimming lesson. First one this year, as the pool has been closed so they can do it up and stick a new roof on. New roof is jolly lovely, the pool and changing rooms have all been done out and the jacuzzi fixed.


Then home for more garage sorting, nommy casserole for tea (cunningly prepared last night by K) and put the kids to bed. Promptly dozed off in front of the telly.

K finished on the 'puter so I've checked emails/LJ etc. Not much going on.

Need to sort through some books I found in the garage and others that came from the shelves at the top of the stairs - might take some into work to see if anyone wants before I charity shop them.

Might call it a night. Knackered.

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