Dave (dakegra) wrote,

just been to Sainsbury's to pick up some milk and cereal and stuff.

Spotted they had the 2-disc DVD of Wall-E for £7.99, so snaffled that. EB will be thrilled - he got various Wall-E stuff for christmas (DS game, Wii game, action figure etc), but oddly, not the DVD of the film itself. And it's usually £13-£15, so a bargain was had there.

I browsed further along the aisle. What's this? The 'Ultimate Action Edition' of Die Hard 4.0? The two-disc one?

for £4?

I loved this film when I saw it on rental a while back. Mine now.

Also got the special edition Transformers (2-disc) for a fiver.

Two awesome action 'splody BANG what plot? films for under a tenner! Score!

I love getting the special editions, and yes, I *do* watch the extra discs. Waiting for Iron Man and Hellboy 2 to come down in price. Looks like Sainsbury's is the place to be.

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