Dave (dakegra) wrote,

shopping for running kit. Could do with socks (see previous posts), and considering a new long sleeve hi-viz wicking top.

because, you know, not being mown down by cars is pretty high on my Things To Do list.

very tired. Washing machine decided to go BEEPbeepBEEPBEEPbeep at 12:30am, and started flashing F:18 at me.

Reasoning that it was some kind of error code rather than an attempt to communicate a long-held wish to become a US fighter aircraft, it prompted a search for the instruction booklet.

Which I'd handily not filed anywhere remotely useful.

Luckily I have TEH INTERWEB and this morning successfully worked out that F:18 translates to "LB left a hair clip in her pocket, and I et it. Please to be removing it from my drain, kthxbye"

Books of 2009: Un Lun Dun. Dear lord, that was fabulous. More. I want more.

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