Dave (dakegra) wrote,


EB and I started reading The Hobbit tonight.

It took some persuasion on my behalf to get him away from his beloved Horrid Henry books, but he agreed to give it a try.

Note: EB *loves* Horrid Henry. He has four (maybe five) books which we've read (*I* have read) through at least three times each. We now have a rule - if we have Horrid Henry one night, it *has* to be something else the next.

EB was grumbling 'why do I have these Horrid Henry books when you keep making me have other books as well?'

erm, because I really don't like Horrid Henry, and not every night. And you, my dear EB, have a ton of other books. Great books. Roald Dahl, Dalmatians. Lots and lots of other books.

So, we started on The Hobbit. I'm not sure how into it he is, but the thought of imminent dwarves, quests for gold, wizards and dragons is keeping his interest, for now.

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